Zeiss IOL Master 700

With no changes in workflow, the IOLMaster 700 from ZEISS now measures Central Topography. It allows easy reading of central corneal shape information when you start your workflow and before you decide on the IOL and consult with your patient. It is integrated into the standard biometry measurement of the ZEISS IOLMaster 700, without the need of any additional hardware or measurement time. The scaling and hues have been developed in cooperation with Douglas D. Koch, MD, and Li Wang, PhD, USA. Thanks to SWEPT Source OCT technology, ZEISS IOLMaster 700 offers unique features and functions to achieve fewer refractive surprises. The Total Keratometry (TK) of ZEISS IOLMaster 700 allows you to directly measure the posterior corneal surface using SWEPT Source OCT. In a study the exclusive Barrett True K with TK formula improved the outcome prediction compared to the Barrett True K with Classic Ks within ±0.5 D by >12 % (p = 0.04) in post-myopic LASIK eyes1. Can you see the foveal pit? If so, you can reduce the risk of refractive surprises due to incorrect measurements caused by undetected poor fixation. The patented Cornea-to-Retina Scan allows you to detect unusual eye geometries, such as tilt or decentration of the crystalline lens. Additionally, the complex interpretation of A-scans is no longer necessary. Streamline your refractive cataract workflow: from biometry and calculation or ordering of IOLs to surgical planning. Access your IOLMaster data anytime, anywhere. Enjoy exceptional speed and an outstanding cataract penetration rate, and benefit from the unique Fixation Check.

The ZEISS IOL Master 700 introduces Central Topography measurement seamlessly into your workflow, ensuring a smooth manner from start to finish. This feature enables the clean reading of valuable corneal form facts proper at the beginning of your workflow, providing treasured insights before deciding on the IOL and consulting with your affected person.

Integration Without Complications


Seamless Inclusion in Standard Biometry

Integrated flawlessly into the usual biometry measurement of the ZEISS IOL Master 700, this Central Topography characteristic removes the want for additional hardware or size time. Experience the blessings with out the trouble, allowing you to cognizance on what matters maximum.

Precision Crafted with the aid of Experts

In collaboration with specialists Douglas D. Koch, MD, and Li Wang, PhD, USA, the scaling and colorations of the ZEISS IOL Master 700 were meticulously evolved. This precision ensures correct representation, placing the degree for a more predictable and successful outcome.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Predictable Outcomes

Thanks to SWEPT Source OCT era, the ZEISS IOL Master 700 is going past expectations, imparting precise capabilities and functions to decrease refractive surprises. Explore the Total Keratometry (TK) functionality, allowing direct dimension of the posterior corneal floor with unheard of accuracy.

Scientifically Proven Outcomes

In a current take a look at, the distinctive Barrett True K with TK system confirmed a exquisite development of over 12% in outcome prediction compared to the Barrett True K with Classic Ks inside ±0.5 D (p = 0.04) in put up-myopic LASIK eyes. Scientifically backed results for stronger self assurance.

Vision Clarity: Foveal Pit Detection

Can you spot the foveal pit? If so, you preserve the key to lowering the risk of refractive surprises. Incorrect measurements due to undetected poor fixation turn out to be a aspect of the past with this revolutionary function, imparting visible guidance for advanced accuracy.

Patented Technology for Unusual Eye Geometries

The patented Cornea-to-Retina Scan empowers you to hit upon uncommon eye geometries, which include tilt or decentration of the crystalline lens. Bid farewell to the complexity of A-scan interpretation – a revolutionary step in the direction of simplifying your diagnostic manner.

Streamlined Workflow for Efficiency

Effortlessly streamline your refractive cataract workflow – from biometry and calculation to ordering IOLs and surgical making plans. The ZEISS IOL Master 700 ensures a cohesive and efficient procedure every step of the way.

Accessibility and Speed

Access your IOL Master facts every time, everywhere. Enjoy superb pace, ensuring a rapid and responsive experience. With an incredible cataract penetration fee, you may agree with in the reliability of your statistics.

Unparalleled Precision with Fixation Check

Capitalize at the precise Fixation Check, including a further layer of precision for your procedures. Ensure that your cognizance is in which it needs to be, improving the general satisfactory of your consequences.

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