Zeiss HFA II 750i visual field

The Zeiss HFA II 750i with USB is refurbished in-house by our trained technicians.



Threshold Visual Fields in as Little as 2 Minutes

  • SITA sensitivity, reproducibility & accuracy has been shown in clinical testing when using the Zeiss 750i Perimeter


Diagnostic Precision

  • STATPAC 2 – Single & Multiple Field Analysis, as well as STATPAC for Blue & Yellow are standard features on the Zeiss 750i Perimeter. STATPAC, the language of perimetry, compares results to proprietary age normative and glaucoma databases


Improved Reliability

  • The Zeiss 750i Perimeter also offers patented fixation monitoring including, Krakau Blind Spot Monitoring, Video Eye Monitor, Gaze Tracking, Head Tracking, Lens tracking and Remote Video Eye Monitor capability
  • Social Security Disability testing, Monocular, Binocular, Kinetic Testing and Custom Testing are standard features on the Zeiss Humphrey 750i, providing the widest range of testing protocols on any perimeter


Early Glaucoma Detection

  • The Zeiss 750i, 750, 745i, and 745 Perimeters all offer SITA-SWAP software, which reduces blue-yellow threshold test time to just 4-6 minutes, providing a clinically practical tool for early detection of glaucoma. The SITA-SWAP software is standard on the Zeiss 750i Perimeter, and the Zeiss 745i Perimeter, and available as an option on the Zeiss 750 Perimeter, and the Zeiss 745 Perimeter


Gold Standard

  • Over 40,000 Zeiss Humphrey Perimeters worldwide including the Zeiss 750i, 745i, 740i, 720i, 750, 745, 740, 735, and the Zeiss 720 Perimeter Visual Field Analyzer

Operator Friendly & Patient Friendly

  • The Zeiss 750i Perimeter offers a touch screen, featuring on-screen menus to simplify and expedite instrument operations. The Zeiss 750i Perimeter is also wheelchair accessible and an ergonomic design allows maximum comfort for all patient body types


Practice & Patient Friendly

  • The Zeiss 750i, 745i, 740i, and the 720i Perimeters include networking software which automates Visual Field Analysis by connecting directly to your office information system
  • Touch-screen and menu-driven interface simplifies operation
  • The Zeiss 750i Perimeter offers agronomic design for maximum comfort, access and versatility


Complete Archiving System

  • The Humphrey Field Analyzer II “i” Series including the Zeiss 750i, 745i, 740i, and the 720i, all contain a hard drive, and Magneto-optical drive


Advanced Analysis

  • Zeiss Humphrey GPA Glaucoma Progression Analysis software identifies clinically significant progression automatically
  • Pattern Deviation Plots identify localized field loss typical of glaucoma, minimizing ocular media effects such as cataracts

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